Spring Into Action for a Great Summer Lawn

Springtime in Kansas City is beautiful. We venture outdoors more, kids play outside, but it can be embarrassing if your lawn has lost its luster. Most everyone knows that a great looking lawn takes a lot of time and maintenance. But not everyone knows what that maintenance entails or even when to get started. Your lawn has been hibernating all winter. It’s time to wake it up and let it know you care. The Heritage Lawn team is always here to help. Here are a few tips from our Lawn Coaches.

Coaching Tips for a Great Lawn from Spring to Summer

April is the month to rake and remove any leftover leaves along with any dead grass. This helps de-thatch, letting the new grass growth come up to the surface more easily.  

This month is also the time to aerate your lawn if needed. Aeration helps create a healthy yard. It helps with root depth as well as water and air flow. Your lawn is probably starting to get a little tall and starting your mowing regimen is probably a good idea. Recommended blade height is between 2 and 3 inches. 

Let the Lawn Care Coaches Make Your Neighbors Jealous

With the Eco-Pride Classic Lawn Care Program, Heritage Lawns helps you make your neighbors green with envy over your thick, beautiful, weed-free lawn. Your lawn will receive fertilizer and weed control treatments by professionals on a scheduled timeline. Best of all you will have the best lawn in the neighborhood. You can sit and soak up all the compliments, instead of trying to remember when you are supposed to put what treatment on. 

Call the Heritage Lawn Coaches today (913) 396-6858 and get your lawn summertime ready!