Spice up Your Yard with a Herb Garden

Herbs with LabelsAt Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we have found that many of our blog readers naturally enjoy growing things. Besides a rich green lawn and beautiful landscape trees and shrubs, you may enjoy growing something a bit more utilitarian; something you can actually eat – an herb garden.

Types of Herb Gardens

wGrowing an herb garden is simple, and it can take many different shapes and forms. You can grow herbs in the ground, in containers, or even in your kitchen window. Herbs are resilient plants with good looks and wonderful smells; they will enhance any area where you choose to plant them.

Most herbs require full sun, which means six to eight hours of daily sunshine. Most herbs also require well-drained soils and don’t like their roots to sit in excessive moisture. Many herbs are perennial, meaning they will come back year after year.

Perennial herbs include sage, oregano, thyme, lavender, rosemary, chives, and mint. Basil, cilantro, and parsley are common herbs that are considered to be annuals in most climates; they will need to be replanted each year.

Herbs: The Ultimate Low Maintenance Plants

One of the nice things about starting an herb garden is the fact that most herbs are very easy to grow. In fact, first time herb growers often provide them with too much attention and create problems in their herb garden.

Herbs don’t appreciate being fertilized; they prefer to grow in soils that are unimproved. Many herbs can thrive in hot areas with little moisture, and they are a good choice for planting along sidewalks or other concrete structures where they can absorb heat.

Stop & Smell the Rosemary

Most herbs have a strong, delightful fragrance, and you can take this into consideration when planning your herb garden. The joy of opening your door to the smell of sweet or savory herbs is one of the pleasures of summer.Be sure to plant your herb garden in an area where you can enjoy their pleasant fragrances. Planting a garden right outside your kitchen door also gives you easy access when cooking with herbs.

We wish you much enjoyment and many culinary delights from your herb garden. We want you to love your yard and getting outside to enjoy it. If you’re not happy with the way your lawn or landscape looks, give Heritage Lawns & Irrigation a call at (913) 451-4664. We’ll be happy to help you create a lawn you’ll love.