Soil Sensors are Taking the Guesswork out of Watering the Lawn

girl playing in soggy lawnMaintaining an attractive green lawn is a must for homeowners. Whether it’s for your own peace of mind, to keep up with the Jones’s, or to maintain property values when you’re trying to sell, a lush, green lawn makes a big difference. And in case you didn’t know, water is the #1 limiting factor in your lawn’s health.

However, as most homeowners will tell you, determining the exact amount of water that a lawn needs to stay vibrant and healthy is tricky at best. Luckily, soil moisture sensors are taking the guesswork out of watering the lawn. These sensors work by measuring the volume of water that soil contains. This information clarifies the amount of water that a lawn needs by judging how much water is already there.

Solving Watering Issues with Soil Sensors

Incorporating soil sensors in lawn care can help homeowners to eliminate a number of watering issues. If you’ve ever struggled with the lawn issues below, you might consider adding soil sensors to your lawn’s water management system.

  • Over watering grass results in a root system that is shallow and poorly established. A lawn with a shallow root system is susceptible to stress.
  • Unsightly diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, and brown patch are a result of excessive watering. These diseases are difficult and costly to cure.
  • Too much watering also promotes insect infestation. Mosquitoes thrive in areas with abundant water. Other insects like Mole crickets and grubs devour a lawn’s root system.
  • Unwarranted watering washes away fertilizers. This saps the lawn of vital nutrients.
  • An under-watered lawn results in curled gray grass.
  • Grass struggles to survive in dry soil. The outcome, at best, is a lawn covered in unsightly brown spots that will take time to repair.
  • Lack of consistent moisture stunts the overall growth of the lawn. Unless your ideal lawn is lumpy and uneven, consistency is key.

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An improperly watered lawn creates problems that are expensive and time consuming to repair. After all the cost of fixing your lawn, you’re right back where you started. However, you can avoid these problems by maintaining appropriate soil moisture across your lawn. Soil sensors determine the proper amount of water that a lawn needs to thrive, so you’re not spending extra on excess watering, or replacing under-watered plants.

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