Smart Sprinkler Management – So Exciting You’ll Wet Your Plants!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having the kind of lawn that looks like it belongs on the front of a magazine, you’re going to love what we tell you about our Smart Sprinkler Management technology. Keeping your lawn looking good all through the brutal Kansas City summer will seem like child’s play with this state-of-the-art irrigation management tool. 

Benefits of Smart Sprinkler System

There are a lot of benefits, so here’s a little summary before we dive into the details:

  • Wi-Fi Control (an app on your phone gives you control from anywhere)
  • Moisture Sensors (let your lawn water itself when it needs it most)
  • 24-Hour Remote Monitoring (we’ll know about problems before you do)
  • Remote Troubleshooting (we can assist without stepping foot in your home)
  • 40% Reduction in Water Use (save money on water bills)
  • No Appointments for Startups or Repairs (automatically scheduled)
  • Monthly Water Savings Report (see the savings)
  • Upgrade any brand of sprinkler system (improve your existing system)
  • Upfront pricing (no surprises)
  • Free repairs (that’s not a misprint)
  • Guarantee to get the job done right (we give you peace of mind)

With the Smart Sprinkler, you’ll love the control, the peace of mind, and with a 40% reduction in water use, you’ll love saving money on your water bills too! Smart Sprinkler puts you in control of your lawn, your money, and your water usage. 

Convert Your Old Sprinkler System into a Smart Sprinkler

We are proud to be the first irrigation company in Kansas City to bring you truly smart water management. The Smart Sprinkler System can do things ordinary systems just can’t come close to. With the Smart Sprinkler, you can control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access. On vacation when a heatwave hits KC? No problem. Water your lawn from your hammock in Mexico! Want to know the moisture level of your soil? Smart Sprinkler has you covered. System springs a leak? This system is so smart it detects mechanical problems the minute they happen. You don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment – we’re already on our way! And since we can remotely troubleshoot any problems, you’ll deal with fewer major breakdowns, and fewer at-home repair visits.

Don’t Just Repair Your Sprinkler System – Make It Better

The great news is that Smart Sprinkler Management can be added to any existing sprinkler system. So not only can we repair your broken sprinkler, we can  upgrade it to a better, more efficient system that’s easier to use and saves you money. 

It’s easy to convert almost any old sprinkler system into a Smart Sprinkler System. With an existing irrigation system, the hard work is done. The pipe is already installed underground. The magic is in the control system. This state-of-the-art sprinkler technology  lets you manage your irrigation in a way that was never possible before now. 

We Offer Sprinkler Maintenance Programs

We offer year-round sprinkler maintenance including sprinkler startups and sprinkler winterization too. When you sign up for the Smart Sprinkler Maintenance Program, you can choose from three different levels of service, so there’s sure to be one that fits your needs. With our sprinkler maintenance program, you’ll never worry about your sprinkler system or watering your lawn again. 

KC’s Sprinkler Repair Experts 

Some lawn care companies in Kansas City have lawn specialists who repair sprinkler systems on the side. At Heritage Lawns, we have irrigation specialists who know sprinkler systems inside and out. Our irrigation manager is a CLIA (Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor) so you know you’re in good hands. We’ll check for leaks, broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler heads spraying in the wrong direction, proper water pressure, and more. Our experts are certified to work on any brand of sprinkler equipment, no matter who installed it. Because we stay on the cutting edge of the irrigation industry, we can offer the best sprinkler repairs and the best irrigation system in the area. 

If you need sprinkler repairs, Heritage Lawns is the sprinkler company to call. Our irrigation experts will have you up and running in no time. Plus, we can turn your sprinkler system into the best, most convenient, most effective, water-efficient sprinkler system you can get. Call us at (913) 396-6858 or contact us online for sprinkler repairs or to upgrade to our  Smart Sprinkler Management. Let us bring your sprinkler system into the 21st century.