Is It Safe to Let my Dog on the Lawn after a Lawn Care Treatment?


At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we try to use as few harsh chemicals as possible. Our Eco-Pride lawn care system seeks to thicken your lawn and get the soil in balance so fewer products will be necessary to keep your lawn weed-free and healthy. That being said, we do use many different organic and synthetic products to get your lawn in shape. So what do you need to know about lawn care treatments to keep your pets and kids safe?

Eco-Pride Lawn Care Is Pet Friendly

One of the questions we get fairly often at Heritage Lawns and Irrigation is, “Can I let my dog on my lawn after it’s been treated?” The short answer is yes, for most standard treatments, but some target applications will require waiting until the lawn is dry. Your lawn coach will keep you informed if there are any special instructions. We recommend that pet owners wait until the application is dry to reduce potential contact. Pets paws are more likely to carry a product when it is wet and we can reduce exposure by waiting until a treatment is dry. We always like to err on the side of caution.

Eco-Pride Lawn Treatments Are Kid Friendly

While your pets must go outside several times a day, your children don’t necessarily play outside as often. For children, the same rules apply. If you can avoid the lawn while the application is wet, you’ll lessen potential contact. Most of the year, we are spot treating problems in the lawn with low volume applications instead of blanket spraying everything every time. This is another way we can help reduce the products we use and still get great results.

Our Eco-Pride Lawn Care Programs Are Earth Friendly

With our Eco-Pride system, we use biological fertilizers that are beneficial to the natural micro-organisms in the soil. Some of the standards we use to ensure our custom blends are beneficial would be things like specifying it contains no chlorine and has application rates that keep the total salt content at less than 200# per acre. The Eco-Pride system keeps weeds at bay while your lawn gets healthier. The result is a properly mineralized, healthy soil that will produce strong plants and reduce weeds, insects and diseases naturally. When the soil is balanced, the turf gets thicker and the weeds get choked out.

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Try Our Flea & Tick Treatment for Pets

Speaking of pets, you can keep Fido flea free with our Flea and Tick Surface Insect Control. When your pets go outside, they are exposed to dozens of insects. Besides being an annoyance outside, biting insects, like fleas and ticks and chiggers, can follow them inside. That’s why we offer our surface insect control. A simple application will keep your family and pets bug and bite free. This is a great idea before an outdoor barbecue or party too.

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