Quick & Simple Ways to Prevent Damage from Heavy Snow

Ice on Evergreen

Heavy Ice can make for beautiful pictures but damaging effects.

Has Kansas City turned into a Winter Wonderland? It definitely seem like it! When snow and ice builds up on trees and shrubs it can break their limbs. While snow is very beneficial in the way that is provided moisture and isolation for Evergreens they are, along with other trees with needles or upward slanted branches, at greater risk of damage because they catch snow and ice easier. Here are some quick tips from Heritage to help protect your trees and shrubs.

The Quick Tips

  • When snow begins to build up, brush it off the limbs while it is still snowing.
  • Only if the temperature is above 20 degrees F, shake or remove snow with a broom.
  • If snow has already frozen, leave it alone to avoid further damage.
  • Before it begins to snow you can loosely tie Evergreen branches together to keep the snow from collecting. Make sure the tree still has room to flex.
  • After snow melts give trees and shrubs time to regain shape before starting major pruning.
  • When pruning deciduous trees make cuts flush against another branch and do not leave small stubs at the ends of branches.
  • If trees have been damaged insure they are properly watered and fertilized in the spring to help regain health.

Apply these tips to protects your trees and shrubs. Also keep in mind while doing so that heavy or broken limbs can be hazardous if they fall. Enjoy your snow days, Kansas City!