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9 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care Company in Kansas City

There are plenty of lawn care companies in the Kansas City area, and not all of them offer the same services. So how do you choose the right one? At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we’ve helped many customers who used to do business with another company before hiring us. They left, frustrated, because of neglected lawns, unresponsive customer service, and unfulfilled promises. Whether you’ve never had a lawn care company, or have gone through several who let you (and your lawn) down, your pain is real and justified. Knowing the reasons people left their old company will help you ask the right questions before hiring a new one.

Questions About Lawn Care Services in Kansas City to Ask First

Lawn Care Company in Kansas City

These questions may seem obvious, but they are the most critical, and with 23 years of providing lawn care services in Olathe, KS and the Kansas City metro, we’d know. You definitely want to find out what services they offer and exactly what you will get for your money. Hiring two guys and flatbed trailer may be the best choice from a financial standpoint, but if they don’t provide all the services you need, you won’t be happy. Ask these questions before hiring to know you found the right fit for you and your lawn:


“I just need a weed-free lawn and someone to blow out my sprinkler system.”
Number 1. What Lawn Care Services Do You Provide?
A critical first question actually applies to you – what lawn services do you need? Not all companies do everything. You want to find a company that covers everything you need so you’re not hiring three companies for individual tasks when you can hire one instead. Fertilizing? Weed, insect, and disease control?  Sprinkler service? Tree and shrub care? Pest control? Make a list and compare services provided.
Heritage offers all of the services above.

“How many treatments do I get and when are they coming?”
Number 2. What are the Benefits of Your Lawn Care Program?
Look at the details of the programs and prices so you know what you’re going to get for your money. We don’t play the “See the weed, spray the weed…repeat” game. Our Eco-Pride system is designed to give you a healthier lawn.
Get details about our lawn care programs on our website.

“The aeration machine hit my sprinkler pipe. Now what?!”
Number 3. What Happens if You Damage My Property?
Make sure they are licensed and insured. That way, any accidental damage will be covered.
Heritage is licensed and insured.

Deal Breakers (Why People Switch Lawn Care Companies)

This is where the rubber meets the road (or where the blade meets the grass?). These are the little details that ultimately cause the most aggravation. These end up being the deal breakers that cause homeowners to become frustrated enough to look for other lawn care companies:

“They left my gate open and my dog got out, twice!”

Number 4. What Happens When There Is an Unexpected Problem?
Find out what happens if you have a problem ahead of time. This comes down to communication issues. Can you get ahold of someone easily? Will there be a charge for another service call?
At Heritage, we send your Lawn Coach back out to fix the problem to your satisfaction at no charge.

“I just want a human being to talk to!”
Number 5. How Easy Is it to Work With You?
Are they easy to get ahold of?
Can you pay online?
Do they have a pre-pay option?
Heritage offers all of these services.

“I want to be on a first-name basis with my lawn guy.”
Number 6. Will I Be Working With the Same Lawn Guy All Season?
Ask about the quality of the crew and if the same person will be doing the work each week? Do they use subcontractors or permanent employees? Are they trained and experienced?
Heritage uses permanent employees who are trained in-house – no subcontractors. You get a Personal Lawn Coach who will stay with you all season long.

“I don’t want to hear, ‘Too bad, so sad.’ when there are weeds in my lawn. Come fix it!”
Number 7. Do You Have A Guarantee if a Lawn Problem Arises?
Ask if they guarantee their work. Some companies will guarantee performance, and others will refund your money if the work is unsatisfactory. You want someone who will stand behind their work.
At Heritage, we offer our Greenback Guarantee.

Reputation Matters (What Others Are Saying)

Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Really smart people learn from other people’s mistakes. Before you plunk your money down for a lawn care service, see what previous customers thought about the service they provided:

“I always check reviews for the real scoop…duh!”
Number 8. Where Can I Read Reviews from Your Customers?
Check their reputation for customer satisfaction. The best ways to find out a company’s reputation is to ask friends and neighbors, and check with your local Better Business Bureau. Look at Angie’s List and Google for online reviews.
Heritage has great reviews on all of these sites. Check out what our customers are saying on Facebook.

“I wanna talk to actual customers.”
Number 9. Can I Speak with Your References?
Any reputable company should be able to provide satisfied customers you can talk to for details about their experience. If they can’t provide this, beware.
Heritage provides references upon request.

If you are not happy with your lawn or you’ve recently parted with your previous lawn care company, these crucial questions will help you find a company you can trust and depend on. At Heritage Lawns, we take care of our customers. If you’d like to know more about Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, give us a call at (913) 451-4664.

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