Protect Your Irrigation System with a Winterizing Blowout

We all know that water freezes when the temperatures drops during the fall and winter
months, but sometimes we forget about the water in our irrigation systems. Unlike the water pipes that run through your house, your irrigation system needs to be winterized during the colder months to keep from causing damage that you wouldn’t discover until Spring.

Blowout Your Worries

Since irrigation systems are automatic, it’s understandable you’d forget about them. Luckily, for Heritage homeowners who are enrolled in our irrigation system maintenance program, you are automatically scheduled for your winterization (along with the rest of your annual maintenance).

If you are not part of this program, this is to remind YOU to schedule your blowout today. Also, if you are not a Heritage homeowner, make sure to check out this list of question to ask when you are choosing the right company to work on your system.

Do Auto Drain Systems Need Winterization?

Some homeowners have what is called an auto drain system which leads them to believe exactly that; it automatically drains.  This means that about 1/2 of the pipes will drain out automatically (from the valve to the head) but the main line portion still needs to be drained.  There is usually a couple of manual valves on the main line that need to be opened to allow the main line water to drain.  Sometimes these systems don’t always drain enough to protect your system or they malfunction and don’t drain at all. Your irrigation system is an a big investment so if you have any questions about if or how well your system drains, don’t leave it to chance, having the system blown out will put your mind at ease.

Drains Explained

Heritage noticed this a lot last year and felt it was important to mention.  Several newer systems that we have seen are tapped into the water line in your basement but don’t have a drain valve installed.  We assume the contractors are trying to save money, but your irrigation system needs its own drain. Each fall we have to drain the water from the outside down into the basement where things don’t freeze.  If we don’t have a drain this becomes difficult.

So, remember to have a expert protect your system from Winter damage.  That fountain in the yard next spring might not be what you planned.  If you have any further questions about lawn sprinkler winterization call our Irrigation Professionals today!