Spring Lawn Seeding: Pros and Cons

Lawn Seeding Pros and Cons for Spring TimeSpring is the time of colorful flowers and green lawns. Unfortunately some homeowner’s lawns don’t start off as green as they’d like at the beginning of the season. This may happen if the homeowner skipped out on Fall seeding or has bare spots that need to be refilled. If that’s you should know the facts about Spring seeding:

The Pros

  • Shady areas have a better chance of success in the Spring.
  • No leaves are falling to effect the seed.
  • Areas that didn’t survive the Winter would be filled in.

The Cons

  • The lawn will have to be re-seeded in the Fall.
  • The roots of the grass will not be able to establish themselves until the soil reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit; which is when it would allow the seed to germinate.
  • Pre-emergent would have to be postponed approximately 3 weeks to avoid killing the seed.

Even though your lawn would have to be re-seeded in the Fall to keep your lawn full for the next year, a thick green lawn looks better and will help fight weeds more effectively than bare spots. So, if you are still weighing your options on what to do, call your Lawn Coach today for more advice!