How are the Heritage Lawn Coaches Preparing for Seeding Season?

Safety, Safety, Safety!!!  Seeding season is a fast paced time of year around here.  On top of  their regular lawn fertilizing treatments, the Coaches have Seed work and Aeration work to complete during a short window of time.  They add trailers behind their vehicles and are responsible for using and transporting heavy machinery.  We love this time of year because we can make the biggest changes to a lawn now more than we can at any other time of year.  When things get exciting you really have to pay attention.

Last week, our team put on a trailer and equipment safety meeting to prepare for this fast paced season. Our training is not limited to just technical things like weeds and sprinkler flow rates, we spend just as much time training on techniques, protocols, and safety.  This meeting we discussed trailer hook-up, trailer safety, loading, and securing loads. Many of these guys only tow trailers 2 times a year so we want to refresh everyone’s memory on proper techniques and make sure that safety is top of mind, even when they are busy.

Now, we are ready to meet you on your lawn!