Perimeter Pest Control – Hello Fall…Goodbye Bugs

If you’d like to keep bugs out of your home this winter, fall is the time to establish a bug border with perimeter pest control. Your home is like a nice cozy bed and breakfast for pests trying to escape winter’s cold. That’s why autumn is one of their favorite times to invade your home. Temperatures will be dropping, especially at night, and spiders, roaches, ants, beetles and more will all be drawn to your home’s foundation, windows, and doors where the heat calls to them like a cinnamon roll under the nose of a hungry traveler. If you don’t want your home to become a bug B&B, take action in the early fall.

Heritage Lawns’ Perimeter Pest Control

It’s especially important in the fall to secure the perimeter of your home to keep bugs out. That’s exactly the idea behind our perimeter pest control treatment. We can put a barrier around your home before crawling insects have a chance to make themselves comfortable in your home for the winter months. Our exterior perimeter treatments to the foundation and surrounding areas will help control pests climbing up from the ground. Our perimeter treatments extend out six feet from your home’s foundation like an invisible moat around a castle (minus the alligators).

What Makes Our Bug Barrier Treatment Better?

Our special formula has two advantages. The first is that it creates a long-term solution. Our slow-acting products stay potent longer so treatments last for 60 days. The second advantage is that it gives bugs time to carry it back to their nests allowing it to kill them all. It’s a comprehensive, and complete solution. A third advantage to our Perimeter Pest Control is that since you are surrounding the outside of your home with a barrier, you’ll need fewer treatments inside your home, thus keeping chemicals away from your kids and pets. Your home will be bug-free in no time with our perimeter pest control. 

Bug Barrier Treatments Keep Pests and Products Outside

If pests have already entered, we can provide in-home spot treatments around entry points like windows, doors, vinyl siding joints, soffits, and vents to keep you pest free! But your best bet is to create a consistent bug barrier that will keep your home’s perimeter bug free. Spiders, centipedes, crickets, springtails, stink bugs, ants, beetles, pill bugs and millipedes – they’re all out there and they won’t call for reservations. They’ll just barge right in. When you prevent bugs from coming in, you can avoid bringing products into your home, so call early in the season for our Perimeter Pest Control.

If you’d like to put up the “no vacancy” sign on your bug B&B, call us at (913) 396-6858 or request a free estimate. Live bug-free this winter with Heritage Lawns’ Perimeter Pest Control treatment.