Outdoor Pest Control – 3 Ways to Keep Bugs Away


At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, we’re all about the great outdoors. The problem is the outdoors isn’t so great when we’re overrun by insects. That’s why we offer three different solutions to outdoor insect issues – our Bug Barrier to keep them out of your home, Flea & Tick treatments to keep them off your pets, and Mosquito control to keep your yard enjoyable. We have the entire perimeter covered!

Create a Bug Barrier around Your Home
Our Bug Barrier is a service we provide that helps keep bugs out of your home. The reason it works is because it stops bugs on the outside of your home before they can get inside. We call it a bug barrier because that’s what we create – a barrier that bugs must cross to enter your home from the outside. News flash – they never make it in alive. They die before they can cross the threshold into your home.

Our Bug Barrier Creates a Long-Term Solution

What makes our bug barrier better? It contains slow-acting chemicals that have staying power so the treatments are effective for months. Plus, since the chemicals are slow-acting, not only do they stay potent longer, bugs carry it back to their little bug nests and it kills them there too. It’s a comprehensive, and complete solution. 

1. Bug Control That’s Easy and Convenient
First, we apply the initial Bug Barrier treatment. Then we’ll call you to let you know when we are scheduled to come out to spray the next treatment. You don’t even have to be home. All of the spraying is done on the outside of your home, so it’s easy, effective, and convenient. Three treatments a year is all it takes. We do like to remind our customers that treating the perimeter only prevents additional bugs from entering the property. If you already have a pest problem inside your home, you will have to take care of it yourself or hire a pest control company that sprays inside homes. As a lawn company, our domain is the outdoors. 

2. Flea & Tick Treatments for Your Lawn
At Heritage, we don’t just stop at your home’s perimeter. We can also treat your entire lawn for fleas and ticks. If you have pets, you know these pests can easily come inside in your pet(s) hair. Our lawn treatment makes being outside a pleasure and keeps fleas and ticks out of your home too. It even works on those annoying chiggers.

3. The Mosquito Solution
There’s one more outdoor pest that can be a real pain – mosquitoes. Don’t worry, Heritage has you covered there too! If you’re planning a party or other outdoor activities, call us for a mosquito treatment for your yard. You and your guests can enjoy the great outdoors bug free. It’s still a great idea to eliminate standing water and keep your gutters clean because mosquitoes love water. These simple tasks will go a long way to deter more pest problems from popping up later.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to outdoor pests! For the best Kansas City Pest Control Services, call us at (913) 396-6858 to set an appointment.