It’s Not Too Late for Dormant Seeding!

Dormant Seeding PictureWith the cold that winter brings, many lawns are slowing down and stopping their yearly growth. Come next spring, the lawns will germinate once more and will most likely need some extra TLC. Many plants drop seeds all winter so they will be ready to germinate as soon as the soil is warm enough. Take a clue from nature and plant some grass seed now! Dormant seeding during the winter will revive and thicken your turf grass during its spring growing period.

What Is Dormant Seeding?

Dormant seeding is the act of spreading grass seed over the ground in the fall and winter months while the ground is too cold to induce germination of grass. When spring arrives, the seeds that were spread the year before will warm in the ground and sprout, which both repairs and thickens turf grass.

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When Should You Dormant Seed?

Dormant seeding in Kansas City is preferable in the fall betweenThanksgiving and Christmas, which gives the seeds adequate time to sink into the ground; but it can be done all through winter. Dormant seeding also mimics nature’s natural cycle of germination, with seeds lying untouched during the winter and ready for action in the spring.

Benefits of Dormant Seeding

In addition to repairing, thickening and reviving turf grass when it sprouts and grows during the spring, dormant seeding extends the window of growth opportunity for grass. The grass has adequate time to sink into the ground and warm with the earth in the springtime. The seeds will germinate in the spring before spring seeding does and therefore will be stronger and better able to survive the heat of summer. Plus, preloading your lawn with some good grass seed to compete with the weeds in the bare spots is a great way to help your lawn look its best.

One word of caution – when dormant seeding, postpone your pre-emergent weed control (crabgrass preventer) until late April or May.  Your crabgrass preventer will stop any seed that hasn’t emerged yet, so a later application date will make sure your seed is up and safe first.

If your lawn could use some thickening and repair this winter, call the professionals at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation today at (913) 451-4664 or contact us online. We can seed for the spring and keep your yard in its best condition throughout the rest of the year! Also click the picture below to download our FREE Lawn Coach’s Annual Playbook.

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