How About A Nice Trip to Florida?

Heritage Lawns & Irrigation staff at the Florida software training conference

Matt Stewart, Mark Reese, Jay Huke, Lacey Wood, and Wes Ory

A couple weeks ago Wes, Lacey, Matt, Mark, and Jay made a trip to Florida for a Software Training Conference. While sadly they didn’t bring back any warm weather to us here in Kansas City, they did come back with some good knowledge.

Each team member was able to go to different parts of the conference enabling them to collect different information and meet plenty of new people.

Why Do Lawns Need Software?

When you think of lawn care, it’s usually about your trees and plants and if the sprinkler system is working properly. But for Heritage, to ensure all of your property is taken care of properly, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to make us more technologically savvy.

Lawn Coach, Jay Huke stated the conference was interesting but more than what they expected. “Interesting in the way that it was not quite what I expected.  I was hopeful for a bit more instruction on the Real Green software, but it seemed to be geared more towards new ideas and applying them to your work on your own.”

Mark Reese, an Irrigation Professional, seemed to agree with Jay’s statement of applying new ideas. One suggestion he had was creating postcards with pictures of the lawn or irrigation coach who is either treating the lawn or working on the sprinkler system.

This idea later lead Wes to one of our most recent projects, video introductions to your coach! At Heritage it is important to us that you get to know and build a relationship with who is working on your lawn or sprinkler system. This is one way we will be helping that happen.

Another way that Matt Stewart, Lawn Coach,  brought up is that Heritage will be helping communicate and keep an open relationship with homeowners through service emails. About two hours after each treatment Heritage will be sending you an email informing you what happened on your lawn that day. Then once a month you can receive an email informing you what is going on this month and what to expect in the months to come.

Helping Out the Ladies of the Office

Lacey Wood, the office assistant and someone you may frequently hear from if you call directly to the office, also had the chance to join the trip to Florida. She brought back great techniques on how to better communicate with customers in different situations and how to help remedy problems that may occur.

The training also gave the field guys a little more insight on how the sales portion of the Lawn Care business works. Jay was excited to bring back information he had learned, “Beth Dockins spoke, very well mind you, about,”The Retention Silver Bullet.”  and I learned a lot about valuing our programs in the process of retaining customers.  Beth was very impressive and knew her stuff.

In”One Step Sales”, which was presented by Joe Kucik, I learned the importance of acquiring a new customer all in one call and the tools that Real Green offers to make that a possibility.”

Better Scheduling for Lawn Care Appointments

With our team at Heritage all now learning new techniques, bringing fresh ideas to the table, and being educated in the software that helps us communicate internally we are hoping to bring you a greater experience. Our goal from this experience is create a better relationship with our homeowners along with having our systems work smoother.

Beth Ory and Lacey Wood schedule dozens of appointments a day. Luckily with new software and technology they are able to do this and communicated it to your Lawn Coach and/or Irrigation Professional with little to no error.

Mark Reese was impressed that Heritage is very up to date with the Mobile Live technology which helps keep appointment times. So keep an eye out this year, we have become more up to date and will be pushing the boundaries to make our relationships with you the best it can be!


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