The Benefits to Homeowners Who Mulch Their Leaves This Fall

Colorful Leaves In Autumn Like A Carpet On The LawnFall is in the air, in the trees, and mostly all over the ground! Every year without fail, the trees in Kansas City litter our lawns with their fallen leaves and every year thousands of homeowners break out their rakes to clean them up. But, what if I told you there was an easier way? A way to clean up your yard that would save your back, space in our landfills, and may even help with those pesky dandelions in the spring. How is this possible? Well, after the kids have had their fun making piles to jump in, break out the lawn mower and start mulching!

The Facts About Mulching Leaves in KC

Years of study from both Purdue University and The K-State Extension Office prove that a layer of mulched leaves will not harm your lawn and may even work as a herbicide against broadleaf weeds such as dandelions. Scientists aren’t exactly certain why this works, but it does.

Another great reason for this method is to help with decomposition instead of adding to our landfills. When leaves and grass clippings are mixed together the carbon from the leaves and nitrogen from the grass work together to speed up the breakdown process. This is a much healthier solution for our planet, rather than the alternative of bagging the debris and throwing it out.

Even if you have the largest trees on the block, you will still be able to save time and avoid raking this fall! There isn’t as much there as you think, after being shredded down the leaf remains will only take up about one-tenth of the space as they did before. So give yourself a break this fall and turn two lawn maintenance chores into one! Put down the rake and break out the mower to give your lawn a quick trim and pick up at the same time. Your back (or maybe your wallet), landfills, and lawn will thank you.