Do Moles Always Mean Grubs?

The answer is no.

These strange little mammals with velvet fur, invisible eyes and ears, and huge hands for digging can definitely tear up a yard but not just because you have grubs. While grubs are considered a delicacy for moles their diet mainly consists of earthworms  along with other insects and a few varieties of nuts.


Moles dig tunnels that tear up our grass roots. Which if left that way can kill that patch in your lawn. These tunnels can also be a hazard if you’re not watching where you walk. An easy solution to save your grass is to water thoroughly and then step it back down before it drys out. This will re-root the grass.


Did you know, moles were not nearly as big of a problem in the 80’s as they are today? That’s because the chemicals in the products we used back then killed everything instead of just solving the initial problem.  With today’s products, especially in programs like the Heritage EcoPride program, we are more concerned with being environmentally friendly. This allows life to thrive in your lawn, while still getting rid of problem weeds or damaging bugs.

So, having moles should almost be a compliment. It means you have a healthy lawn, thriving with life.  But if these critters are causing you annoyance or excessive damage, you do have options on how remove including traps and baits.  We can have a future post on control options for you, but for now they do NOT always mean you have grubs.