Lawn Sprinkler System Disasters and How To Avoid Them

Yes, that is duct tape holding the important wires together.

A lawn sprinkler system is a huge investment that can greatly improve your lawn when it works correctly. Unfortunately, too many homeowners’ fall victim to unprofessional installs and repairs. Don’t be one of those homeowners, know the red flags and the proper ways to take care of your system. When you’re educated, you won’t end up with a duct taped or zip tied sprinkler heads!

Note: All pictures included in this blog were taken by Heritage Irrigation Coaches while working on Kansas City homeowner’s systems. 

Top 3 Red Flags When Hiring an Irrigation Company

This doesn’t look like a fun jigsaw puzzle to sort out.

When researching companies, many will talk a good games but not all can back it up. It is important that you not only invest in a quality install, but a dedicated team who will keep your equipment up and running. A sprinkler system only benefits your lawn when it is running correctly. Otherwise, you can end up with serious damage that may not show up for a few months or until the performance of the system leads to brown spots or wet spots. Then you’ll need to find a reputable company to fix it.

Look out for these red flags during your research:
1. The company doesn’t actually have a dedicated irrigation department. The landscaper/mower is usually an experienced foreman that has some mechanical ability but not trained in irrigation.

2. The company won’t set an appointment time that they will be there.

3. The company is difficult to get in touch with, who will you call if there is a problem?

Who you should hire:

  1. Someone who has been in business for a few years and has good reviews to back up their work.
  2. A company willing to set an appointment and be there on time.
  3. Someone who can be reached easily. Phone, website, Facebook etc.
  4. A company your comfortable with when you talk to them.  It is all about the guy on the yard and the support he is given.  Can they answer your questions in a polite, friendly manner.


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The Homeowner’s Part in Sprinkler Maintenance

Looks like someone forgot about their annual sprinkler blowout! Whoops!

Just like lawn care, you should know what to expect every time your irrigation company comes to your home. This way you can ensure you’re receiving all the work you are paying for. Plus, you will know what questions to ask your maintenance man along with basic diagnostic test when you feel their is a problem. Find a complete summer sprinkler maintenance list, here. 

One more tip.  A good sprinkler guy is half electrician, half plumber that doesn’t mind getting muddy while helping somebody.  This is a rare person and if you find a good one treat him well and he can make your life easy and save you money.

If you are having sprinkler issues, looking for a reliable company to have your back, or simply have questions, contact a Heritage Irrigation Coach, today!