Lawn Service Companies vs. Lawn Application Companies

When hiring a lawn care company it is important to know what kind of company you are hiring; will it be a service company or an application company? This simple differentiation will completely change your entire experience.

Lawn Application Company

Lawn Care ApplicationAn application company is the stereotypical lawn care company. This company goes door-to-door simply laying down the treatment, leaving an invoice, and moving on. Chances are, you will probably never have contact with whoever is working on your lawn for two reasons.

1. A salesperson will handle your account.

2. The same person may not be on your lawn every time.

3. They don’t usually knock on the door prior to treatment.

This is the type of company you want if you are looking for someone to do the applications for you.  You already know what and when and don’t need extra help.  These companies are usually lower in price per application (but watch total annual costs) and higher in up sale pressure.  If you are looking for an actual relationship with the person who is on your lawn, this is not the company for you.

Lawn Service Company

Lawn Service Company in Olathe, KSHeritage is considered a lawn service company because of our Lawn Coach and Irrigation Professional programs. In these types of programs you will:

  1. Know who is on your lawn and that person will know your lawn from top to bottom.
  2. Have the ability to contact that person at any time with any questions.
  3. Have the ability to meet one on one with your Lawn Coach to go over any problems.
  4. They want to talk to you so they knock on the door prior to treatment.

This is the type of company you want if you are looking for a consultant or expert type relationship.  This type of company is here to help you answer your questions and teach you the best practices for taking care of you home.

Each lawn and homeowner has different needs and knowing what those requirements are will help you make the right decision on the best lawn company for you.

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