Lawn Mowers – Electric Vs. Gas

Hi, Wes Ory here. I’m the owner of Heritage Lawns and Irrigation in Kansas City. When it comes to lawn mowers, you may be wondering if electric powered mowers are worth buying. Gas powered mowers have ruled the market for so long, we don’t know exactly what to think about electric mowers. I was in the same boat. I received an electric mower for my birthday and I was eager to check it out to see how it compared to my traditional mower. To be clear, we’re not talking about the kind of electric mower with a cord that you have to worry about running over while you mow. Today’s electric mowers are battery powered, so the cord is not an issue.

Here’s a review of the Toro Flex Force 21” self-propelled, electric battery powered lawn mower. If you’d prefer, you can watch this comparison on video via this link –

Battery – Simple and Sturdy

The Toro comes with a 60 volt 6 amp hour lithium battery. Probably the biggest question people have is – how long does the battery charge last? This model lasts for about 40 minutes of continuous use. That’s just about the amount of time it takes to mow a 6-7,000 square foot lawn. So think about how long it takes you to mow your yard, and if it’s under 40 minutes, you’ll be fine with it. Battery removal and installation is simple and seamless. Just open the lid and pop it in or out. Press a button and four indicator lights will tell you the level of charge. When you’re done, simply leave it on the charging unit until you’re ready to mow again and it’s ready to go. Over the winter, you should store it at ⅔ full charge and then power it to full charge before you mow in the spring – simple!

Power – Good and Quiet

The electric motor feels powerful. It actually feels like it shifts down in thick grass, speeds up the blades, and powers through. But the most surprising thing is how quiet this mower is. The electric engine makes about as much noise as a box fan you would run in your house. My neighbors were amazed. The belt-driven self-propelled mode has good power also. It pulled me right up the hill. 

Durability – Solid and Robust

The steel deck is solid and should last forever. It does have some plastic components (as all mower decks do nowadays) but overall, it seems solid. The axles are all steel as well. The wheels are plastic, but appear thick and sturdy and should last.

Starting – Easy as Pie

The one really nice thing about this mower is that it starts with the push of a button. No  more yanking the starter rope. Simply pull the self-propelled bar to the handle, press the button and she’s purring like a kitten. No more yanking on the starter rope! Comes with a removable key for safety. The key must be on before starting.

Setup – Super Simple

It doesn’t get much simpler. You open the box, remove the mower, unfold the handle, lock it in place, and slide in the battery. No assembly required. Since the handle folds quickly and easily, you can store it easily in less space in your garage. It’s also simple to adjust the mower deck height. Just lift the mower and move the lever above the wheels on the right side to the desired position. This deck can be adjusted from 1 ¼ “ – 3 ¾” in ¼” increments with easy notches to follow. Adding a bag is super simple as well. It seems that everything about this mower is designed to be user-friendly.

Quality of Cut – Average

This was the only area I could find where this mower wasn’t as good or better than the gas-powered mower I used for more than a decade. And to be honest, I’m a turf guy, so I’m probably a little pickier about this than the average homeowner. I wish the blade speed was a little bit faster for the walking speed. You’ll never notice it in thin grass, but when it gets thicker, you may want to slow down your pace (not use the self-propelled mode) and that will probably take care of it. I’d say nine out of ten people won’t even notice this.


Biggest Advantages


Easy start

No gas or oil to deal with

Stores in less space

Biggest Disadvantages

35-40 minute battery time

Quality of cut slightly lower (you probably won’t notice)

I give it a thumbs up! I’ve been very happy with it. No more gas. No more oil. Just charge the battery and go. And it’s so QUIET. If you can mow your yard in 40 minutes or under, I say go for it! This electric lawn mower is ready for prime time.

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