Our Lawn Coaches Grow Something All Winter Long…Their Brains

Winter Lawn Care Training Picture


You might think our Lawn Coaches sit back and take it easy during the winter when there’s no grass to fertilize, no lawns to aerate, no seeds to sow, and no sprinklers to install or repair, but that’s not the case! Just because the grass isn’t growing doesn’t mean our minds aren’t.


Lawn Coaches Attend Ongoing Training

Our Lawn Coaches use the wintertime to expand their expertise. They attend trainings, increase their knowledge, and share that knowledge with their coworkers. In fact, each Lawn Coach is required to read three books every winter and create presentations to spread the knowledge. Here is a list of the presentations and the trainings they’ve shared, or plan to share, this season:

Winter 2016/2017 Lawn Coach Training Schedule

Joey – Precipitation Rates – Will cover calculations used to determine correct sprinkler head and nozzle settings. This allows us to make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of water, at the right time, every time.

Mark – Tablet Training – Will demonstrate the latest updates on our software system and best practices for our mobile offices. With all of this technology, we want to make sure we can put it to use!

Alex – System Layout – Will lead discussion of best practices for designing sprinkler systems. This allows us to troubleshoot and make recommendations on existing systems that may not be up to standards.

Stephan – Valve Mechanics – Will cover recent updates on the latest sprinkler system products and serve as a refresher for operation of multiple brands. This training improves our ability to work on any system and any brand.

Vince – Soils Class – This is an opportunity to refresh and update on how different soils affect water schedules, plant growth, and fertility requirements. Every lawn is different, and this is how we prepare!

Robert – Plants – We will get updates on new varieties, common trouble plants, and a refresher on best planting/maintenance practices. This helps us have answers to even the toughest plant questions.

Justin – Backflow Repairs and Mechanics – We will brush up on different styles and brands of backflow devices. Every sprinkler system must have a backflow device to keep sprinkler water from going back into the drinking water.

Michael – City Codes – We will review different codes and requirements that impact sprinklers, drainage, and licensing for each of the cities we service. This helps us make sure your system is compliant no matter which city you are in.

Jeremy – Monitoring Program – Will share information and training on our new Smart Sprinkler Management program. We are so excited to share this with our customers!

Jeremy/Alex – Controller Training – Several new sprinkler controllers have entered the market that are Internet compatible and require different setup and service. This is a technical update on how to work with new controllers that may involve offsite (internet access) programming.

Joey/Mark – Electrical Troubleshooting – We will review how to identify and repair electrical failures with sprinkler systems including wire breaks, controller failures, solenoid failures, etc.

Christopher Haning – Lawn Product Updates – Several new products are available, so we will discuss the pros and cons of each as well as decide on tests for possible product changes.

Christopher Haning – Liquid Aeration – Since 2016 was the first year for full rollout on this new service, we will decide if want to make any changes for 2017.

Professional Lawn Care in Kansas City

When our Lawn Coaches come out of the gates this spring ready to make your lawn look its best, they’ll be armed with new knowledge, great tips, and maybe even a few tricks up their sleeves to make their lawns (okay…your lawns) look their absolute best!

So the next time you’re enjoying a hot cup of cocoa wishing you were one of those lucky lawn guys lazing about all winter, think about the Lawn Coaches at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation working hard to be the best darn Lawn Coaches in the land. The only thing green about these guys is their lawns!


If you’re looking for professional lawn care, give Heritage Lawns & Irrigation a call at (913) 451-4664. Check out our lawn care programs to see which one might work for you!