A Lawn Coach Valentine

We thought it would be fun to ask the Lawn Coaches for some Valentine’s Day advice, memories, or ideal dates. To our surprise, some of the Heritage member’s do have a romantic side! This is what they had to say:

From the Ladies

Beth Ory: “My favorite Valentine’s memory is from a couple years ago when the 5th Die Hard movie was released. My son, Ben, and I went to the Valentine’s Day marathon and saw all five movies back to back with all the other Die Hard fans!”

Lacey Tiemann: “My ideal Valentine’s date would consist of a pink flower arrangement, a nice steak dinner, and chocolate wine from Stone Pillar Winery”

From the Lawn Coaches

Jeremy Swope: “I’d like to go ice fishing in the dark with a bottle of wine and a big choclate heart. ”

Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart: “I’ve had 17 years worth of perfect Valentine’s Days with my perfect bride, Janet”

Jason Clarkson: “Every year I surprise my mom with roses and my younger sister with tulips. But remember to treat everyone the same everyday, Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday”

Brian Hiatt: ” The best Valentine’s gift I ever got was from my wife, LeAnne. She bought tickets to the Cowboys’ season opener at the opening of their new stadium.”

Cory Janzen: “My favorite Valentine’s day memory is eating candy at school. But, I think I’d like to treat myself to a steak dinner and a couple of cocktails”

From the Irrigation Professionals

David West: “My ideal Valentine’s date would be a nice candle lit dinner and a walk on the beach.”

Mark Reese

Mark Reese

Joey Coble: “I like to try to write something from the heart and my wife always LOVES the chocolates!”

Alex McClain: “My advice: February is cold, snuggle a beard.”

Mark Reese: “I like to take my wife out to a nice dinner and surprise her with 12 dozen roses!”

Justin Raymond: “My advice is to be nice to everyone, you never know when good things could happen.

From the Bosses

Wes Ory: “My favorite memories are from when my kids were younger and I’d bring

Christopher Haning

Christopher Haning

home chocolates for them and flowers for my wife, Beth.”

Christopher Haning: “We get pizza from Papa Keno’s and go to a movie. We’ve been doing it since ’98”

Jeremy Alexander: “We’ve been getting a heart shaped pizza for about 14 years now.”

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

In addition to the chocolates this year, download this handy month-by-month guide to a green healthy lawn from our lawn coaches. Click the image below to to get your download.

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