The Lawn Care Application You Can’t Miss…Winterizer Fertilizer


Lawn Coach, Jay Huke, applying a Winterizer Fertilizer Application to an Overland Park Lawn.

We’ve had an extremely colorful fall this year, lets make the spring even brighter! With temperatures dropping, plants slow their growth and eventually become dormant. That’s why this November is the best time to get a jump start on your lawn for next season. Even though growth has slowed, the grass is still processing water and nutrients as long as the ground isn’t  frozen. The process of coming out of dormancy in the spring is an extremely stressful time for your lawn.  The nutrients added by the Winterizer Fertilizer treatment will help each grass plant store the energy it needs to come out strong next spring after the long Kansas City Winter.

Don’t Forget the Trees and Shrubs! – Deep Root Fall Fertilizer

Unlike turf, which during the warmer seasons will show the effects of fertilizer within the next couple days, trees and shrubs take up to two months to show the effects. This is because the nutrients have a longer journey to the new growth at the top of the plant. Fall is the best time for Kansas City trees and shrubs to be fertilized because they will come out stronger in the spring.  Fertilizing in the spring may cause problems when the new growth would appear in the summer. Summer time can be hard on our plants because of the heat and possibilities of drought.  A Fall Fertilizer is also necessary for new plants (five years or younger) to help with transplant shock. These plants have more roots that they need to establish to live long healthy lives. Winter allows your plants time to relax and repair themselves for the next year.

Invest in a Good Winterizing Coat

Before bears go into hibernation they have to eat foods which will last them throughout the long winter months. This is similar to what our lawns and plants need to be fed before they go dormant. A Winter Fertilizer Application is the heaviest round of fertilizer your lawn will receive all year, and if you have been opting out on other applications this is the one you shouldn’t skip out on! So while we are bundling up during the dropping temperatures and feasting for Thanksgiving; don’t forget to cover your lawn in a Winterizer Fertilizer Application so it can feast all winter as well! Then just like a happy, healthy bear let your lawn roar with life as it shows off its colors next spring!

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