How You Can Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Portrait of an ant on a yellow backgroundKansas City is starting to warm up, but that means ants are on the move. Luckily, you can fight back to keep them out of your home.

Why are they in my home?

The main species of ants we see this time of year are acrobat and odorous ants. They are currently foraging for food to replenish their colony’s storage. But, they aren’t looking for just any food. The queen has given them strict instructions on what to bring back.

Lipids are proteins are the focus for reproduction and colony growth. But, in the summer and fall, they also focus on carbohydrates and simple sugars.

Where to Look and How to Treat

Ants typically work their way into our homes through the kitchen, bathroom and near entry doors with poor weatherstripping. Most ant infestations in the home can be followed outside to the invasion site.

The best ways to treat these areas are with liquid insecticide that are non-repellent. This causes them to turn off their danger senses and tell the colony not to re-invade in another area. A gel bate is also very effective. It will provide a source for the ants to deliver the bait to the colony. These 2 products and a good sanitation plan will help keep the ants at bay.

Your Partner in Protection

Heritage is here to help you fight the pests. Our goal is to keep the ants (or other insects) from ever entering your home. But, unless you have treated before, they aren’t thought about until they have already entered your home and that’s okay! It’s not too late to get rid of them.

Our Pest Control Specialist recommends quarterly (60 to 90 day) perimeter treatment to help lock them out. We understand life gets hectic, that’s why we are here to be on your team. Your specialist will automatically call you before each treatment this will provide you a reminder along with the chance to discuss problem areas. Knowing these areas will help in providing you with better coverage for your home.

If  pests have already entered, we will provide you in-home spot treatments with your perimeter treatment to ensure you are pest free!

For more information contact your Pest Control specialist, today!