It’s Mid-Summer – Is It Too Late To Save Your Lawn?

By the time July gets here, your lawn has been through a lot. Heat, drought, grubs, weeds – they all take their toll. Many homeowners take a hard look at their lawn in July and feel disappointment. Brown spots, too many weeds, thinning, etc. make them lose hope of ever having the lush, deep green lawn of their dreams. Is it time to give up? Should you just throw in the towel? Absolutely not!

It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Lawn

We see this all the time at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation. Maybe your do-it-yourself lawn care program just didn’t do it. Maybe time got away from you. Either way, the worst thing you can do is give up. It’s mid-season folks. There is still half a season left to help your lawn! You have months to improve your lawn. You just need to know what to do.

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Follow Our Lawn Coach Tips

Our lawn coaches know there is a slew of things that can be done to help your lawn. In fact, if you start now, your lawn will look better by the end of the season AND you’ll have given it a head start on looking great come spring. We’ve put together some Mid-Season Lawn Rescue Tips that will help you get your lawn back on track. Download them by clicking on the image below.

Mid-Season Lawn Rescue Tips CTA