Is Your Lawn Suffering From Lack of Weed Control?

It is important to know the difference between grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds, as well as annual weeds and perennial weeds, because they are controlled differently. Regardless of the type of weeds you have, Heritage Lawns has a product to help give you a lawn that will make you proud!

Annual Grassy Weeds:

Annual grassy weeds are controlled using pre-emergent weed controls. This type of weed control is applied to the soil before the annual grass has emerged from the soil. The pre-emergent acts as a “chemical blanket” that sits on the surface of the soil for up to 12 to 16 weeks. The newly germinated seed grows toward this blanket and is killed as it comes into contact with it. Once the annual grass is actively growing above the soil, pre-emergents are not effective. Therefore, it is important to apply pre-emergent weed controls before any possible chance of seed germination. Common annual grassy weeds include: crabgrass, goosegrass, and yellow foxtail.

Perennial grassy weeds:

These are not effectively controlled using pre-emergent weed controls. There are types of post-emergent weed controls that are effective on these troublesome grasses.

Broadleaf Weeds:

Broadleaf weeds are controlled using post-emergent weed controls. This means that the broadleaf weed has to be actively growing before controls are possible. These post-emergent weed controls are selective in what they control. Therefore, at Heritage Lawns, we use selective, post-emergent weed controls to control broadleaf weeds. Common broadleaf weeds include: dandelions, spurge, clover, and oxalis.

Perennial Grassy Weeds:

Perennial grassy weeds are controlled using non-selective, post-emergent weed controls. These very effective weed controls do not select what type of plant they kill. Instead, non-selective weed controls kill the weed as well as the desirable plant that it comes into contact with. Common perennial grassy weeds include: quackgrass and tall fescue.

At Heritage Lawns, we do not use non-selective weed controls, other than for lawn renovations or call us at 913.451.4664 to discuss your situation.