Is Traffic on Your Lawn Thinning Your Grass?

Traffic on the lawn from pets and people can start to wreak havoc on your grass. So how do you prevent this from thinning your grass out? Heritage Lawns & Irrigation has the perfect solution for your lawn care problem.

Core aeration helps your lawn’s vigor and health and it will aid in reducing maintenance requirements. The removal of soil cores from your lawn reduces compaction and helps the grass roots to expand into the soil. If your lawn hasn’t been responding well, despite proper watering and fertilizing, chances are its lackluster performance is the result of soil compaction. Aeration can help!

Aerating disrupts thatch and loosens soil to help improve air, water and fertilizer penetration to the root zone. Aerating penetrates thatch layers and brings soil to the surface helping to mix soil into the thatch. The mixing of soil and thatch aids in controlling thatch build-up. Aerating also leaves holes for new grass roots to expand as they grow deeper into the soil. This will help your lawn have a greater tolerance for heat and drought conditions by improving water intake and use.

Your lawn must have adequate moisture content in order for aerating to be effective, so we may ask you to water in advance of an aeration if seasonal conditions make it necessary.

The aerating process will leave plugs of thatch and soil on the lawn. The soil contains microorganisms that will help begin the breakdown of thatch tissue. Do not remove these plugs! They will decompose in a few weeks. Continue to mow and water your lawn normally. 

If it is necessary to seed, after an aeration is a great time to do that as well! Make sure to speak to your Lawn Coach to find out if aeration is for you or call us at (913) 451-4664 to discuss your situation.