Is DIY Hurting Your Lawn?

lawn-care-tips-for-failing-diyWhen it comes to lawn care, DIY can be a tricky thing. Between seeding and fertilizing, aerating and verticutting, weed control and bug treatments, there are a lot of ins and outs to keeping a lawn thick, green, and healthy. So is DIY hurting your lawn? Answer the following yes or no questions to find out.

Do you seed & fertilizer during the appropriate times of the year? 

We’re not just talking about the spring and the fall! There are specific windows for seeding and fertilizing your lawn. Not to mention, certain applications need to be done at certain times of the day. For example, when the grass is damp or there is dew. If these applications are not applied during the proper window then your lawn is not only missing out on important care, but also you are wasting your money on seed and fertilizer that are not doing anything for your lawn.

Are you applying an adequate amount of treatment frequently enough?

This step can be as confusing as that question! It is important to be aware of the proper amount of an application that your lawn needs. Too little and your lawn will be missing out, too much and your lawn may not react properly. Frequency plays another role in applying your own treatments. Some treatments need to be applied multiple times, others just need one application.

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Are you using the correct product?

This is where things can get tricky! Not every product does what we think it will do. Take Roundup for example. Box stores tell us that Roundup is used to kill weeds. While that is true, it does a little more than that. It kills everything, including your grass. Be sure to educate yourself about every product before using it on your lawn.

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Did you confidently answer yes to each and every one of these questions? Good! That means you are doing things right. For those of you who were unsure, we have some help for you, The Lawn Coach’s Annual Playbook: A Month-By-Month Guide For The Greenest Lawn In Your Neighborhood. We break down what should be done year-round for a green, healthy, and eco-friendly lawn. Click the button below to download your playbook!

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