Protect Your Lawn And Your Family From Bug Bites

June is the month of bugs. These pests can drive you crazy while you’re trying to enjoy your summer! But don’t let them keep you off your lawn. A simple Surface Insect Control can help keep the bugs from bugging you. This liquid treatment doesn’t require water and is effective immediately. Two to three applications, 30 days apart, throughout the summer you can eliminate the itching, biting, and damage.

Damaging Insects

  • Sod Web Worms  evidence of these pest appear as brown patches the size of a baseball in the lawn. Sometimes you can find holes within the damaged part of the lawn because birds search for the webworm. The most severe damage usually occurs in July and August but will go unnoticed in cases of a drought. Learn more here.
  • Chinch Bugs – These critters kill their host plants by sucking sap out of the crown. Then they inject a toxin into the plant which prevents the ability to use water. A cinch infestation looks like heat stressed or dead lawn.
  • Army Worms – True to their name, army worms move through plants like an army. They will move from one host to another but are usually found in pastures, beside roads, or along fences. Find more information here.

Nuisance Insects

  • Ticks – No one likes finding ticks on themselves. Surface insect control will help eliminate these pests. Read here on the proper way to remove ticks if you find one.
  • Fleas – These tiny creatures can effect more than just our furry friends. Fleas can be a source of disease so it’s important to rid them to protect your whole family.
  • Chiggers – These practically invisible to the human eye insects are extremely irritating. Don’t be afraid to let your kids run around in the grass because of their powerful bug bites. Unfortunately, these buggers are one of the most difficult to avoid. What we do know is they enjoy tall grass and dry lawns.

If you have any questions about pests that may be bothering you and your lawn this year, please call a Lawn Coach today.  Treat these issues now so you can enjoy your lawn all summer long!