Great Reviews Make Me Proud Of Our Team At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation

Wes Ory President/Founder Heritage Lawns & Irrigation

I’m proud to say we get these kind of notes on a regular basis. Clients saying thank you and relaying their experience with their lawn coach. But this one got me to to thinking about how grateful I am to have the team we’ve built here at Heritage.
I’m attaching this note to publicly recognize this great team!

A Note From One Of Our Kansas City Lawn Care Customers

Hi Wes:

“I often see the days of customer service going away as we move further into another decade. But your team exemplifies customer service and continually provides that service which is beyond the 15 minute yard or 30 minute tree application. Your team is customer service. An example would be Matt where he assesses the yard before and after and follows up with me to make sure all is ok (I have a great yard because of him). Jay this last time knows I always have issues with spider mites in my boxwoods. He found a couple of bushes with them, sprayed them and told me that he would check them this week to make sure they did not spread and you know spider mites follow me and love me like me the plague (thank you Jay). I appreciate that customer service tremendously and think very highly of these two individuals. However, I got another story.

Yesterday Jeremy went above the call of the sprinkler. I am in the process of planting a row of Annabelle hydrangeas and I ran into significant trouble on Sunday with one hole . Out of 13 holes that is pretty good, but that one hole contained this massive and enormous rectangular shaped boulder that I could not move. I literally spent over an hour digging around the boulder and trying to move it and could barely budge this rock that the developer threw into my berm. Not only did I spend the afternoon trying to move it, I broke my best shovel trying to hoist it out of the hole.

Jeremy was out to the house yesterday adding an replacing a sprinkler head with an extension and I asked him to see if there might be some cost effective options for watering this row of water sucking hydrangeas. I mention to Jeremy that this idea might not be the smartest idea I have had and besides me having to water them daily, I have run into boulder problems. Upon my nightly inspection, it is to my wildest amazement that this boulder which weighs more than me has been excavated from this hole and onto the berm. Unbelievable and amazing!!!! Let me tell you – that is beyond the call of sprinkler duty because that was not one little rock. Many thanks go out to him. I am very appreciative of what he did. After spending Sunday trying to move the boulder and then some time on Monday, I had almost given up. What a man – that took some amazing strength to move that rock! Thank you Jeremy.

Thank you Wes for having such a great team.”


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