How to Take Care of Discolored Lawns Affected by Disease

Has your lawn began forming brown or discolored spots? A reason for this may be due to disease. Many times diseases appear in ring shaped formations in your yard. So how do you solve these lawn care problems? Heritage Lawns & Irrigations has a few solutions for you!

Diseases are Controlled by Resistant Type Grasses

Diseases are best controlled by planting resistant-type grasses. Preventative fungicides are only effective before disease symptoms appear. After symptoms appear, rescue treatments can only control spreading into non-infected areas.

Cultural Lawn Practices

We can also control disease by checking cultural practices on the lawn. What we do to maintain our lawns are cultural practices. These practices include: mowing, watering, seeding, sodding, dethatching, fertilizing, and controlling weeds.

If you suspect your lawn is showing the effects of disease, it is best to call our offices for a free analysis by one of our professional Lawn Coaches or call us at 913.451.4664 to discuss your situation.