How to Deal with Fungus in My Lawn

fungus Just when we thought we would begin to dry out, we are hit with more rain! Unfortunately, our lawns are not the only ones loving the moisture, fungi is also showing up all over the place. Understanding how to identify different fungi is key in controlling it’s damage.

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There are Brown Spots in my Grass!

Brown spots in your lawn can be caused by a number of different things.  Right now diseases can be a major culprit.  The late afternoon and evening rains are making for damp humid conditions throughout the night. This added to temps warming up and we have all the ingredients for a disease outbreak.

Quick Tip To Identify if its a Fungus

If you start seeing areas of the lawn with a brownish appearance, take a closer look at the individual leaves of the grass plants.  Do they have brown areas?  Are they in the middle of the leaf blade or at the top or at the bottom?  If you have spots in the middle or bottom of the leaf blade then it is likely a disease.  If the brown is on the end of the leaf it is more likely environmental or mechanical injury (i.e. drought stress or dull mower blades).

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What To Do If You Have A Fungus In The Lawn

Not all diseases are fatal to the grass. By contacting your Lawn Coach today you will be provided with an accurate identification of the fungus and a game plan on how to go about treating the problem. In some cases, your lawn will just grow out of the problem, while in others you may be required to treat.

Unfortunately, fungicides are better preventatives than they are curatives. So, once the damage that is done, it will be there for the rest of the season. But, by treating now, you will prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of your lawn. If you have a history of fungi, next year you may consider taking preventative measures by providing your lawn with preventative treatments instead of treating after the fact.

If you have anymore questions about fungi or it’s effects on your lawn, please contact a Lawn Coach today!