How to Battle Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Take a moment and imagine yourself sitting in the backyard, on the deck, with your loved ones. The kids are running around the yard with the dogs and the smell of BBQ is wafting through the air. It’s a perfect summer evening. Then, ZINK! Something bites you right in the back of the arm. You quickly slap it, but it’s too late, you just received your first mosquito bite of the summer. Unfortunately, the initial bite isn’t the worst part, it’s the constant itching and fighting yourself not to scratch and for the double whammy, the threat of mosquito-transmitted diseases. 

What Can I Do to Keep Mosquitoes Out of My Lawn?

While mosquitoes enjoy resting in our shrubs, they can not complete their life cycles without water. This is why eliminating their breeding grounds (stagnant freshwater) from around our homes is an important part of deterring these pests.

When we think of standing water, we typically think of puddles, but there are many breeding grounds in our own backyards. Here is a checklist to help these areas under control:

  • Empty tin cans, buckets, or other containers after rain
  • Either clean or drain swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Drain swimming pool, boat and other outdoor covers
  • Change water in birdbaths and fountains at least once a week
  • Unclog rain gutters
  • Flush sump pump pits weekly
  • Clean vegetation and debris away from pond edges
  • Dump out any children toys that can collect water

Bonus Tip: Drill holes in the bottom of outdoor containers to allow water to drain on its own.

I Can’t Drain This Water, NOW WHAT?

Whenever water stands for four to seven days, mosquitoes have a chance of multiplying. There are certain situations, for example, backyard ponds, where the water can not be drained. Thankfully, you are not doomed to have mosquitoes as pets. You can get products called Mosquito Dunks on Amazon and at local hardware stores that can be used in ponds to control mosquito larvae.  Be sure to follow all label directions.  If you would like professional help Heritage has a mosquito control program with dunks that aren’t harmful to fish, plants and other life in your ponds.  They work on the larvae only.

Don’t be afraid, STAY INFORMED

Mosquitoes leave us itchy, frustrated, and perhaps afraid to go outside. This summer can be different by educating yourself  about the enemy and knowing where you can get expert help. Use sources like the CDC website to know the signs, symptoms, and risks of mosquito transmitted diseases. They provide up-to-date information on diseases such as Zika and Yellow Fever. Also, download The Ultimate Mosquito Cheat Sheet to receive a complete overview of everything you need to know about mosquitoes around your home. Stay informed, reduce your risks, and get everyone outside because you deserve a lawn you can enjoy!

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