How Safe Is Your Drinking Water? Be Sure with a Sprinkler Backflow Test.

Do a sprinkler backflow test to test safety of drinking waterWhat is backflow?  In water supply systems, water is maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the faucet, shower, etc.  When pressure fails or is reduced, (if a water main bursts, pipes freeze or there is unexpectedly high demand on the system) water from another source (ground, holding tank, pool, sprinkler system, etc.) can be drawn into the system contaminating the drinking water.  There are over 10,000 reported cases of backflow contamination each year – some of them fatal.  A backflow prevention device keeps this from happening.  A typical device has test cocks and shut-off valves and must be tested each year.

Missouri requires that you have your backflow device tested every year and so do many of the Kansas water purveyors.  Only a licensed technician can perform these tests.  If you receive a letter requiring you to have your device tested, or you just want it tested for peace of mind, call us.  Three of our irrigation technicians are licensed to perform the tests.  If you haven’t had yours tested for a few years, it is a good idea.  Nobody wants water from their sprinkler getting back into their drinking water.