How Heritage Lawn Coaches Are Like Hairdressers

Heritage Lawn CoachIt may sound silly, but having a lawn coach is like having a hairdresser for your lawn. Think about it, you put a lot of trust into your hairdresser. He knows your head of hair because he’s been shampooing, cutting, coloring, perming, straightening, and conditioning it for years. You trust him because you see him on a regular basis and you’ve gotten to know each other.

He knows where you like your part. He knows your hairline is crooked in the back. He knows you want more body, etc. Each haircut is worry free, because you know that he knows exactly what you want.

The Personal Lawn Coach Advantage

The same is true of a personal Lawn Coach from Heritage Lawns. The same guy comes to your home to inspect and treat your lawn every few weeks.

Your Lawn Coach talks to you during each visit, to find out what your concerns are, where your lawn’s problem areas are, and what you’re looking for. He knows you have a low spot in the back corner. He knows you have a problem area under the corkscrew willow in the back. He helped you set up your sprinkler system to get the most efficient use of water. He is the guy you call when you see weeds popping up because your neighbor has a bad case of dandelions. You can trust him because he knows you and your lawn. And just like your hairdresser, your Lawn Coach will make sure it looks good right down to the roots.

Straight From The Customer’s Mouth

Janet, a long-time Heritage Lawns & Irrigation client, receives six visits throughout the season as well as sprinkler services including winterization & spring turn-on and backflow testing.

We asked her what she liked about having a personal Lawn Coach.

“I like the consistency of having the same person each time. He knows our yard and what has been done to it previously, because he comes out here every time. I can count on him to make suggestions as to what we need to do in order to make our yard look better.” she shared.

“I talk to him when he calls to let me know when he will be out. We talk about what he will be doing to the yard and if I’ve been having any problems he can address.”

Why have you stayed with Heritage Lawns for so long?

I like the personal service they provide. I also like that they are a small company that knows me when I call. I’m very happy with the lawn service and the personal service and I’ve never been tempted to try anyone else.”

Have you ever had any issues?

“Sometimes during turn-on in the spring, we have had a few sprinkler heads not work. They have always been

able to repair them on the spot that day.”

If you’re not happy with your current lawn care company, you are not alone.