How Do I Winterize My Lawn Mower – The Lazy Man’s Guide

Let’s be honest, It’s always tempting to simply park your lawn mower in late October after the last mow of the year and completely forget about it. Of course, the next spring, you always wish you had taken the time to winterize it so it would be ready to go. Or maybe this is your first time winterizing a lawn mower and you just need a few pointers. Either way, we’re here to help. At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we’ll try to keep this short and sweet and give you just the basics that you need to know along with some pro tips that will make your life easier and reduce mower repairs. Tip one (for the extremely lazy) – If you only do two steps, make it the first two.

Remove Fuel/Battery

a. For an Electric Mower: Remove the Battery

        Tip: Store battery inside (or between 40° and 80°  F) 

        Tip: in spring, use a 120-volt battery charger to bring the battery to full capacity, then reinstall it into the mower.

b. For a Gas-Powered Mower: Stabilize the Fuel or Drain It

    1. Add stabilizer if storing outside in shed or garage

        Tip: Run briefly to get stabilizer through carburetor

    2. Empty fuel if storing in basement (to reduce fire hazard)

        Tip: Disconnect fuel line at carburetor & drain gas

Clean the Deck to Prevent Rust

a. Safety first – Remove the spark plug to prevent accidental starting

b. Scrape grass clippings from the underside of the deck

     Tip: Spray on WD-40 to protect 

Remove the Spark Plug

a. Replace the old spark plug with a new one.

    Tip: spray a shot of oil into the cylinder and pull the recoil handle several times to ensure the oil is evenly distributed.

Replace or Clean Air and Fuel Filters

Change the Oil

a. Drain all the oil from the mower and replace it with new. 

    Tip: recycle old oil at a local car-repair shop, or auto-parts store.

Sharpen the Blades

a. If blades are bent or cracked, replace with new blades. 

b. Safety first: make sure spark plug is removed to prevent accidental starting.

Clean and Lube the Mower

a. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the engine housing, wheels, handle, and top of the mowing deck. Dry with old towel. 

b. Lubricate all exposed cable-movement and pivot points 

If you really don’t want to winterize your lawn mower yourself, give us a call. We offer lawn mower winterization. We’d be happy to help.