Honoring Our Atta-Boys!

Heritage Lawn Coaches In 2013, Heritage’s President, Wes Ory, started holding weekly meetings every Friday morning. He felt that the Heritage team had grown large enough that it was important to take the time to gather everyone and ensure they were on the same page.

Soon after these meetings had begun, they formed into something more than just a weekly update. Now, these 20 minutes before the Lawn Coaches head out consist of an
update from Wes, a Tool Box Talk (aka – Safety Talk) from a different team member each week, and Atta-Boys.

We are Helping More Than Ever Before

The Team at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation

the week, the Branch Directors and Office Ladies will usually receive various compliments from homeowners about their personal Lawn Coach. These small quotes have turned into what we now call “Atta-Boys” that are read off during the company meeting every Friday.

What first started out as just recognition for that person, has turned into much more. This small gesture crystallizes why we work so hard every day, it brings the team together to realize we are making a difference for our clients.

Lawn Coaches Working Together

Honoring Our Staff at Heritage Lawns & IrrigationThis spark of motivation can be seen throughout the team as they go through their days striving to create and maintain beautiful lawns and landscapes.  And because of that, Wes says, “I am extremely thankful and proud to have a team that is helping me, help more people than I could have ever possibly done on my own.”

So, this week, we are thanking our Lawn Coaches once again for their hard work by honoring this year’s Atta-Boys on Facebook. See them on our Facebook page here.

Our lawn coaches have put together a month-by-month guide to help you maintain your lawn all year long. To get your FREE playbook, click the image below.

Lawn Coach's Playbook for Homeowners