Heritage Lawns – the Secret Is in the Soil

At Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, we do things differently. While most lawn care companies treat the symptoms of poor lawns – weeds, drought, disease, insects, fungus, etc., we go right to the source of the problem – the soil. That’s the main difference between Heritage Lawns and all of the others. They start with the weeds and work their way down. We start with the soil and work our way up.

Soil Balance 

When we treat a lawn, our goal is to create a healthy lawn that naturally resists all of those typical problems. We always start with the soil. Soil is the determining factor in your lawn’s appearance. There’s a lot going on under the surface of your lawn. Did you know your lawn’s soil pH can make your grass less green? If your soil is lacking, so is your grass. It won’t be as green, as thick, or as resistant to diseases, insects, or the harsh summers we get here in Kansas City. Everything we do is aimed at making your lawn healthier. Our exclusive Eco-Pride system is designed to bring your soil back into balance. How do we do that? 

Soil Tests

If a lawn or landscape is not responding to treatment, then the next step is to try to identify why. Is it a pH problem, trace elements, microbes, etc.? A soil test can help us zero in on the culprit and get the problem fixed. We’ve tested hundreds of lawns in Johnson County alone to help fine-tune our regular lawn program, but every once in a while a lawn may have unique circumstances and a soil test can help us identify the problem. 


Microbes, which make up only one-half of one percent of the total soil mass, are the yeasts, algae, protozoa, bacteria, nematodes, and fungi that process organic matter into rich, dark, stable humus in the soil. Most bacteria are decomposers that eat dead plant material and organic waste, releasing nutrients that other organisms consume. These organisms are responsible for many vital processes in the soil, including the nutrient and carbon cycles. You want these organisms in your soil. Unfortunately, some lawn products can unintentionally kill them, leaving your soil less able to support a healthy turf.

Eco-Friendly Products

Because soil health is critical to lawn health, we don’t just spray chemicals on your lawn as a quick fix. Instead, we use biological fertilizer that is beneficial to the natural microorganisms in the soil. All of our eco-friendly products take care of the weeds, but not at the expense of the soil. A healthy lawn will have a strong root system that will enable it to outcompete weeds naturally and we won’t have to spray as much as we would in a thin, weak lawn. It will get healthier and healthier over time. 

Long-Term Solution

The biggest difference with our lawn care is that we are in it for the long term. We employ the best, most eco-friendly products and practices to make sure your lawn stays healthy AND weed-free. Eco-Pride is more than just a lawn care program, it’s a lawn care philosophy and it’s exclusive to Heritage Lawns & Irrigation and our customers. With this program, your lawn gets healthier every year, and that’s the ultimate goal – a thick, healthy, weed-free lawn.

If you’re tired of typical lawn care, give us a call and see what a difference our Eco-Pride system can make on your lawn. Call us at (913) 396-6858 or contact us online. We’ll give you a lawn that will make you proud!