Green Lawn Tip – Get Your Lawn Green Faster!

Tips to Having the First Green Lawn

Would you like to have the first green lawn on the block? This classic, simple technique will have your lawn showing green quicker than anyone else!

How to:

  1. Drop your mower’s height down to 2 inches.
  2. Attach bagger to the mower.
  3. Mow off all dead grass,
  4. Pick up all dead leaves

Important Things to Remember

Between now and when your lawn begins to green is the ideal time to execute this tip. The reason that timing is so important is because if you wait till your lawn is green then the short cut on your lawn will damage it. Also, remember to raise your mower back to 3 inches that way next time you go out to work on the lawn you don’t forget and cause damage!

Why This Works

Mowing your lawn down short will make it seem like it received a growth spurt! The truth though, is your lawn will not grow faster but getting all the dead grass and debris out of the way will show the new grass leaves sooner.

So, good luck on the race to having the first green lawn!