How Flow Sensors Help Keep Your Lawn & Your Wallet Green

green lawn green walletDriving around the neighborhood during the hazy and arid days of summer, you will notice row upon row of houses with patchy, brown lawns with an occasional lush green lawn standing out like an oasis in the desert. A lush, beautiful lawn can add thousands of dollars to the value of your property, while inspiring admiration and a bit of envy from friends and strangers alike.

Keeping an eye on the health of your lawn during extreme weather requires a smart water management system to help keep your lawn green. One important component in water management systems is the use of flow sensor technology. This technology provides a homeowner with the following benefits:


  • Prevents flooding or other damage when an irrigation system fails
  • Saves money and promotes lawn health by preventing over watering

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Flow Sensors Prevent Damage

Flow sensors are affordable devices installed to monitor the flow of water within an irrigation or a sprinkler system. Flow sensors will shut down these systems when the system has suffered some sort of damage or failure that disrupts the normal water flow.

This flow detection technology can prevent significant damage to the lawn or other household structures. Because a sprinkler system spreads water over a large area, it’s easy to forget that system failure could result in hundreds or thousands of gallons of water being released where it shouldn’t.

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Saving Money with Flow Sensors

Overwatering is an extremely common problem, as many homeowners assume that more water means a greener lawn. However, unless you are overseeding your lawn, excessive watering just results in an unhealthy lawn infested with fungus along with an extremely high water bill. Too much water can wash away important nutrients, particularly after fertilizing.

Most irrigation systems separate a lawn into several zones, and each zone has a proscribed period of time for watering. Flow sensor technology can detect the normal flow and duration for a watering cycle. If any break occurs during this watering cycle, the system not only detects the problem, but also shifts to irrigating other zones, so your lawn is watered but your wallet won’t get hosed.

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