What Is Eco-Pride Lawn Care? (and Why Is It So Much Better for Your Lawn?)

eco-pride lawn care programsAt Heritage Lawns & Irrigation, the thing that sets us apart from all other Kansas City lawn care companies is our Eco-Pride lawn care program. Some lawn care companies just want to spray your lawn with fertilizer and weed control several times a year and hope that takes care of most of your problems.

That’s not how we do it at Heritage. So what is Eco-Pride and why do we believe that it is better for your lawn? We break down the specifics below.

A Healthy Lawn AND Weed Control

Eco-Pride is Heritage’s lawn care philosophy. We employ the best, most eco-friendly products and practices to make sure your lawn stays healthy AND weed free. Eco-Pride is exclusive to Heritage Lawns & Irrigation and our customers, because we’re in lawn care for the long term. With this program, your lawn gets healthier every year, and if you’re in our service area, you can be sure you found best lawn care service in Lees Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Leawood, Overland Park, KS and anywhere in the Kansas City metro area.

While weed control is important, we believe the main goal of a lawn care program should be to improve the overall health of your lawn.  Instead of just spraying chemicals to kill your weeds, which can have harmful side effects that throw your soil out of balance, we look deeper to find out why the weed was there in the first place and what we can do to prevent them from coming back next year.  A healthy soil will help yield a thick, dark green, weed free lawn.

Create a Healthy Lawn From the Ground Up

Other lawn care companies jump right in with sprays to kill the existing weeds when they tackle a new lawn. What they don’t realize is that a thick turf is your best defense against weeds. Concentrating on the soil and keeping it healthy is the long-term solution to a beautiful, weed-free lawn.

Just using chemicals alone creates a vicious cycle. See a weed? Spray it with chemicals to banish weeds. When the weeds come back because your lawn is struggling to thrive (because of those chemicals,) the only solution is to spray again. This philosophy only treats the symptom instead of the problem.

Like the old saying goes “When you’re a hammer, everything else is a nail”.  So if you’re a traditional lawn care company, you’re a spray company and the answer to weeds is to spray them over and over. At Heritage, we treat them to get rid of them, but then push to get a thicker lawn which is the best defense against weeds, hands down. You have to do more if you don’t want to have this same conversation abut weeds again next year.

End the Weed Cycle with a Lawn Care Program from Heritage

Our environmentally friendly Eco-Pride products are not only better for the earth, they’re better for your lawn too! If you’re tired of seeing your lawn care company play the “See the weed, spray the weed, repeat” game, and you’re ready to improve your lawn’s health, give us a call at (913) 451-4664.

So far, we’ve just touched on the products and philosophy that go with our Eco-Pride System. Along with that, you’ll get a personal Lawn Coach who will be with you all season. He’ll get to know you, your lawn, and your goals. Taking care of your lawn is a partnership on lots of levels. With Eco-Pride, together we can create the lawn of your dreams.