Eco-Pride Lawn Care – Finally, a Long-Term Solution to Weeds

At Heritage Lawns and Irrigation, with our exclusive Eco-Pride system, we take a different approach to lawn care. While most lawn care companies start with the grass and work their way down, we start with the soil and work our way up. It’s a fundamental difference that creates a healthier, thicker, greener lawn. Eco-Pride lawn care – the long-term solution to weeds. 

It All Starts with the Soil

Soil is the determining factor in your lawn’s appearance. If your soil is lacking, so is your grass. Rich, balanced soil creates a thick, healthy lawn. If you want to get rid of weeds, pests, and disease it starts with your soil. When lawn care companies focus on treating weeds, brown spots, and problem areas, they are simply treating a symptom of poor soil. With our Eco-Pride system, we use biological fertilizer that is beneficial to the natural microorganisms in the soil. Your personal lawn coach will focus on your lawn’s total health – above ground and below. 

Healthy Weed Control

While weed control is important, we believe the main focus of a lawn care program should be to improve the overall health of your lawn. Spraying chemicals to kill your weeds can have harmful side effects. It kills microorganisms that are good for your soil, throwing your soil out of balance and making it harder for your grass to thrive. Our eco-friendly products take care of the weeds, but not at the expense of the soil. Healthy soil will help yield a thick, dark green, weed-free lawn. No one wants weeds, but simply spraying weeds with weed killer isn’t always the best thing for your lawn. We look at the big picture – lawn health.

Long-Term Solution to Weeds

Eco-Pride is Heritage’s lawn care philosophy. We employ the best, most eco-friendly products and practices to make sure your lawn stays healthy AND weed free. Eco-Pride is exclusive to Heritage because we’re in lawn care for the long term. With this program, your lawn gets healthier every year, and a thick, healthy lawn will choke out most weeds naturally.

So if you’re sick of your lawn care company’s “See the weed, spray the weed, repeat” remedy, give Heritage Lawns and Irrigation a try and get rid of the weeds for good! We think you’ll love our Eco-Pride lawn care system and our long-term solution to weeds. Plus, with our Greenback Guarantee, there’s no reason not to try us! Call us at (913) 396-6858 or contact us online to learn more, request an estimate, or sign up for a lawn care program.