Easy on the Ice Melt

Wes2With this cold snap and now a short warm up we will see some freeze and thaw and refreeze each day.  You need to be aware that your walks and driveways could become slippery again each morning and evening.  What to do?  The best thing is to keep the walk surfaces clear of snow and ice and manage your snow piles so that when they melt they don’t run back onto the walkways.  When that isn’t possible try to use products like sand or kitty litter to add traction to these areas when they are frozen.  Ice Melt products are great when used properly for loosening the ice and snow from the surface so it can be shoveled off but aren’t designed to be re applied over and over for a refreezing situation.   Ice Melt products are salts, and when the concentration gets too high they can burn the turf and plants around the hard surface you are treating.  Not to mention it can be hard on the concrete too.  What are other options you have tried?