Early Spring Secrets for The Perfect Lawn

Spring Lawn Care Secrets

Spring is just around the corner! Cue the chirping birds, sunshine, and of course, green lawns. So what can you be doing now to make sure your lawn looks great all season?

The team at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation created this list of spring secrets to help you out in these early months.

March through Mid-April Lawn Duties


  •     Cleanup – Remove dead leaves and plant matter
  •     Early Lawn Mowing Tips:
    •     Drop the mower height down to two inches
    •     Attach the bag
    •     Mow off the dead grass
  •      Fertilize – Apply a light, organic-based fertilizer to get the lawn ready to grow
  •     Weed Control – Apply pre-emergent to control grassy weeds in your lawn and apply pre-emergent in flower and shrub beds to control weeds there
  •     Trees & Shrubs – Spray dormant oil on trees and shrubs to protect fruit trees from overwintering pests and their eggs

Mid-April Through May Lawn Care Tips

  • Plant Annuals – Add annuals for a pop of color
  • Mulch – Refresh last year’s mulch with a fresh layer
  • Landscaped Areas – Clean up landscaped areas as needed
  • Water – Take care of any new seed as needed to keep soil damp
  • Begin Mowing Regularly – Follow these mowing tips:
    • Trim or edge before mowing
    • Never mow more than one third of the blade length, to avoid added stress and damage
    • Each week, mow a different direction to reduce the creation of wheel ruts in the turf
    • Leave clippings on your lawn to reduce the amount of fertilizer needed
  • Repair Work – Seed dead spots that can’t wait until fall
  • Fertilize – Apply light treatment of organic-based fertilizer to lawn
  • Weed Control – Apply second pre-emergent in flower and shrub beds
  • Irrigation – Sprinkler startup and backflow certifications
  • Broadleaf Weed Control for Lawn – Keep dandelions, chickweeds, and henbits in check

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Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a great, green, weed-free and healthy lawn. If you don’t want to do it all yourself, call the pros at Heritage Lawns & Irrigation and let us do all the dirty work! Call us at (913) 451-4664.