It is Time to Protect Your Ash Trees From EAB

An application of TreeAzin.

An application of TreeAzin.

Your ash trees are in danger.

Unfortunately, the Kansas ash tree population is declining rapidly. These trees are either being attacked by the emerald ash borer or being cut down as a preventive treatment. But, it is still possible for  you to protect your trees. To protect them you must take action! Otherwise, 5 – 10 years from now, there will no longer be healthy ash trees in the Kansas City area.

Why are Emerald Ash Borers a Problem?

According to Emerald Ash Borer Information Network, the Emerald Ash Borers have been present in Kansas 2010. K-State Research and Extension confirmed in 2014 the presence of emerald ash borer in Johnson County  Since being confirmed, we have been put under an Ash Wood Quarantine.

An adult EAB is metallic green and are about 1/2 inch long. So, how do these small insect spread so quickly? We know EAB adults can fly at least 1/2 mile from the tree where they emerge. Many infestations, however, were started when people moved infested ash nursery trees, logs, or firewood into uninfested areas. Now that infected areas have been quarantined, shipments of ash nursery trees and ash logs with bark are now regulated, and transporting firewood outside of the quarantined areas is illegal. Unfortunately, transportation is still a problem.

Is My Tree in Danger?

This is no longer a question of if, it is now a question of when. EABs are present and they will make it to your doorstep. Their attack on ash trees are 99.5% fatal if not treated in time. This is why it is crucial you begin protecting your trees with now with treatment instead of waiting for these early warning signs:

  • Dieback in the upper canopy of the tree – one-third to half of the branches may die in one year.
  • Smaller branches sprouting on the lower trunk
  • Splits in the bark
  • Tiny (1/8th inch across) D-shaped exit holes in the bark

The larvae feed under the bark cutting off water and nutrient flow. Because they are hidden, they are hard to detect.

What Can I Do?

With hundreds of thousands of trees dying, our Ash trees either need to be treated or removed. Sadly, we have seen many organizations skipping treatment and beginning tree removal. This scary reality is leaving bare land in its path that should have live healthy trees.

This is why YOU need to take a stand to protect your trees with treatment. As we mentioned before, you want to begin treatment before early signs occur. But, if you didn’t realize your tree was showing signs until now, that doesn’t mean you are too late. If less than 30% of the tree has died, it is still possible to save it.

Now we’ve talked about treatment,  last year Heritage teamed up with BioForest Technologies to bring TreeAzin to Kansas City. Why is TreeAzin a perfect edition to our EcoPride system? It is the ONLY OMRI Organic Alternative treatment EAB treatment.  Because of this, TreeAzin is effective in both killing Emerald Ash Borer and being environmentally friendly.

Find all the details on TreeAzin here

For more in information and tree identification, contact your Tree and Shrub Coach today!