What is A Dormant Lawn?

Most people think that their grass is dead when it turns brown. Fortunately, that is not always the case. During low water situations our grasses have a protection mechanism that triggers them to go dormant. Even though your lawn may look dead, the crown, which is where the grass blades grow from, is still alive.

So, now my lawn is dormant, what do I do?

Dormancy is not a bad thing. It’s our lawn’s natural protector. So, you have two choices – you can let your lawn go dormant or try to bring it out of dormancy through watering. Unfortunately, during extreme heat, it is sometimes impossible to bring it back during that time.

Learn more here on how to maintain a dormant lawn. Even though dormant lawns require less maintenance they do require some to ensure they will not die.

I want my lawn to go dormant.

Many homeowners choose to let their lawns go dormant during this time of year. It can save money and be much more convenient, especially for folks who are busy this time of year. To find out how to let your lawn go dormant read more here.

If you have any questions about dormant lawns, please call a Lawn Coach, today!