Don’t Forget Your Trees & Shrubs-Fertilize Now for Flower Power Next Spring.

How did your flowering trees and shrubs do this summer?  Did your Rhododendron look like road kill?  Choke Cherry tree look like someone choked it?  If you want bigger, healthier trees and shrubs in the spring, the time to act is now.  The summer is hard on trees and shrubs.  The heat and drought can take a toll sending them to their winter slumber hungry, thirsty and tired.

Kansas City trees and shrubs need deep-root fertilization

Brian performing deep-root fertilization on a Japanese Maple

Now is the perfect time to give them an extra boost with a fall deep-root fertilization.  Our special compost tea mix will help them recover lost nutrients, improve winter hardiness and have more flowers and foliage in the spring.  So if you want your Magnolias to look magnificent and your Knockout Roses to knock your socks off, call us for a deep-root fertilization treatment today.  You can fertilize until the ground freezes, so call soon and watch your trees and bushes go bloomin’ mad next spring!

PS  Send us some pictures of your flowers next spring and we’ll post them on our blog and Facebook pages.