DIY Irrigation Systems

Heritage team members have been known to run into some interesting things while working in the field. A common thing that our guys come across are homeowner (or even amateur companies!) irrigation DIY project. While do-it-yourself projects may be cheaper in the beginning, they can end up being costly in the long run. Unfortunately a quick Duck Tape fix will not hold forever.

One of the more interesting cases our Irrigation Manager, Jeremy Alexander, found was a complete DIY irrigation system in Olathe. This homeowner placed irrigation valves in the basement and ran all the lateral lines of the system out of his house. This means, instead of having the pipes outside of the house he drilled through his own foundation to get these line out to his yard.

He also installed his systems Backflow device in his basement. The Backflow device that he used was an RP, which means that it should be one foot above grade. Plus, this device also dumps water when there is a fluctuation in pressure. So, what does that add up to? A huge mess in this homeowner’s future! Any change in pressure and his whole basement will be flooded.

Here are photo’s from this project:

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