No More Cookie-Cutter Lawn Care

Have you ever noticed that most of the large, national lawn application companies simply pull up in front of your home and spray fertilizer or weed killer on your lawn at the appropriate time of year, and then they’re gone? Don’t get me wrong, they’re doing what they promised they’d do, but do you really see much difference in your lawn? Probably not. That’s because they treat every lawn the exact same way. It’s a cookie-cutter approach that will keep decent lawns looking decent, but that’s about all you can expect. 

Problem Lawns Need Special Care

If your lawn is relatively healthy but has a few weeds, these guys will help get rid of most of them. But if you have a problem lawn (disease, bare spots, fungus, drought stress, insect infestations, etc.), it’s going to take a long time for it to look better with these bare minimum tactics. You really need someone who will make your lawn healthier overall. A healthy lawn will look good, naturally choke out weeds, defend itself better against insects and disease, and will be able to bounce back much faster in times of drought (we all know how hot Kansas City summers get). 

Every Lawn Is Different 

Think about what you’ve done to your lawn so far. Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. Maybe you’ve only fertilized it. Maybe you’ve aerated it a few times. Maybe you’ve put down a weed and feed combo. You’ve probably added some weed killer chemicals. Maybe you water lightly and often or deeply and sparingly. All of these things make your lawn unique. At Heritage Lawns, we know every lawn has different requirements. Our Eco-Pride system is designed to get your lawn in balance and that starts with the soil.

What Is Eco-Pride Lawn Care?

Eco-Pride is our secret weapon. We know a healthy lawn starts with the soil. Rich, balanced soil creates thick, healthy grass which is your best defense against weeds, pests, and disease in the long run. When lawn care companies focus on treating weeds, brown spots, and problem areas, they are simply treating the symptoms of poor soil. With our Eco-Pride system, we use biological fertilizer that is beneficial to the natural microorganisms in the soil. Your soil gets richer and more balanced which means it can provide the best environment for your turf to thrive. Our goal is to make your lawn healthy so it will look good for the long run.

Personal Lawn Coaches

Another important facet of our Eco-Pride system is your personal lawn coach. You will have the same certified lawn technician all season long. He will get to know your lawn, focus on any problems/problem areas and help you fix them. He will stay in close communication and be available for questions and concerns. Our lawn coaches help us build healthy lawns and healthy relationships, both of which are great for business.

If you’ve been unimpressed with the cookie-cutter lawn care you’ve been getting, give us a call and get ready for a healthy lawn. We offer lawn care, irrigation, seeding, aerating, sprinkler repair, and lawn maintenance programs. Plus, we back our services with our Green Back Guarantee. Let us know what you need help with and we’ll give you a lawn you can be proud of! Call us at (913) 396-6856 or contact us online.