Crabgrass preventer deadline

forsythia in full bloom

Forsythia in full bloom

Well, the countdown has begun. No matter what the calendar says mother nature works on her own schedule and pretty soon those crabgrass and foxtail weed seeds will start germinating. They pop every year when the soil temperature has been 55 for about a week. It is very predictable but the problem is that it very seldom occurs on the same day each year. On wet cool springs it may be April 15 or on hot dry springs it may be April 1st. To make matters even a little more difficult it may happen 2 weeks earlier on a south facing slope than on a north facing slope on the same property. So we have to let mother nature tell us what is going on. We use indicator plants like the forsythia bush. This bright yellow flowering bush is a good indicator of soil temperature. After many years of observation and study we know that to get the best control of crabgrass and foxtail you should have your pre-emergent in place before the forsythia drop their flowers. Since they are in full bloom now we only have a few days left.