A Sprinkler Maintenance Checklist

With all the rain we’ve been having in Kansas City lately, sometimes we forget how important our irrigation system is. During dry times of the year our sprinklers are crucial to maintaining a green, healthy lawn. Here is a quick check list that our Irrigation Professionals use to ensure your system is working to it’s full potential.

Summer sprinkler maintenance includes:

    1.   Run through each zone, one at a time checking for:
             A.  Signs of leaks like pooling water or poor performing heads
                       Check out this diagram for how much leaks can cost
            B.  Check sprinkler head performance.
                       poor spray patterns from worn or broken nozzles
                       uneven coverage due to crooked heads, obstructed spray patterns
                       excessive water bypass from worn parts
                       failure to pop up or retract
             C.  Check valves and valve boxes and lids
                      visually check for leaks, corrosion and damage
    2.   At the controller you should check
               A.  Is it still mounted securely?
               B.  Clean
               C.  Test back up battery; replace if needed.
               D.  Review programs and schedules (are they appropriate for the season)
               E.  Test valve solenoids for proper resistance (this will inspect the electrical side of the system.)
     3.  At the Main Tap
             A. Visually inspect for leaks
             B.  Inspect boxes for settling that may damage the system
             C. pressure test main line for leaks
    4.  Sensors
             A.  Visually inspect for damage
             B.  Test for operation.
    5.  Make recommendations
           A.  Are there new plantings or pots that need additional coverage?
           B.  Are there more water efficient products to consider?
           C.  Are there major renovations that need to be planned for?
While preventive maintenance doesn’t mean you will never have any problems it has been proven that it can save you money and minimize the headaches of emergencies.  You have routine checks of your car oil and tires and other systems to keep it from stranding you on the side of the road, and checks of your sprinkler system will help keep you from standing in the front yard wondering what happened to my lawn?
If you ever find any issues with your system, our Irrigation Professionals would be happy to fix it.